Sparks! Full Moon Eclipse In Gemini November 28th

"saturn in scorpio"Now I know the next eclipse (partial Lunar) is in Gemini but I’m telling you once again to keep your eye on your Capricorn House. Mars is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn on eclipse day. This is passion + (will) power and how this affects your chart is as important as the  Full Moon degree.

AND as I mentioned earlier, the New Moon in January is in Capricorn, but at the later degrees. I think it’s the same story for you though, continuing.

Also on this day, Saturn and Venus are conjunct in Scorpio and trining Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. Mercury is conjunct the transiting Node (maybe a wide orb for some of you, but I count it).

With all these conjunctions… I don’t want to say be prepared to fight (conjunctions are two energies that will not be separated; they are fused) because Gemini isn’t about fighting and Scorpio trines Pisces. But Mars Pluto is mad intense. Be prepared to FEEL. Be prepared to want to keep those feelings hidden. Be prepared to SPEAK. Gemini may be of two minds about feeling so much 😉 but a Full Moon conjunct Jupiter guarantees it happening. An eclipse not for the light hearted 😉

And of course the Sun in Sagittarius is throwing fire at the Full Moon.

Uranus is the Wild Card here and isn’t he always? The Sun in Sag trines Uranus (brilliance). The Full Moon sextiles it. Nice and nice. But Mars Pluto squares it. I know I’m being a little liberal with my orbs here. Some of these transits, some would say, are no longer active by Full Moon day, that they have finished. But I think we’ll be feeling this energy build all week and then it will pop. And you’ll know.

Oh. Wait. Did I mention the Yod? Ponder this: Moon conjunct Jupiter in Gemini inconjuncting Saturn Venus in Scorpio sextiling Mars conjunct Pluto. It’s now or never. Who, what, do you love? If you had one week to live, what would you do with that week? 🙂 Scorpio/Capricorn stabilizes the frittering Gemini devotion to options. Decisions get made or are forced upon us but this eclipse is so remarkable not because it’s bad but because it’s fate.

Basically if you have angles or planets at around 6 degrees, you are peering through the portal at a life changing year.



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