Souvenirs: Moon In Cancer + Cardinal Cross + To Love Is To Suffer

"new moon eclipse in scorpio" Writing this blog for all because we are in transition. The Death card. This is the end of the first month of my experiment. It’s been a month since the blog went mostly private. Sent out my renewal form this morning for folks who subscribed this week (last month).

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And I was just pulling Tarot for someone and she got the DEVIL card and then she got the Death card and some images came to mind that I shared with her, about the immense heavy boot Pluto energy she is under. About the cosmic karmic BULLDOZER pushing through her life.

“After the bulldozing is done, you will look through the rubbish, what has been left behind, what did not get flattened, destroyed, and pick and choose a few items to keep, but that comes later. Souvenirs.”

Everyone I know today is frazzled. Mercury is Retrograde in an AIR sign. This will affect your mind most! Frazzled and intense. it’s overcast in the Big City. We’ve got a Gemini Moon/Sagittarius Mars opposition. And the Moon enters Cancer tonight, aspecting Pluto, Uranus, and the whole Libra family. Cardinal Cross.

What’s so great about a Cross? What’s so great about being pinned down? Who needs this struggle? Why does it happen? A client asked me this recently. She asked me WHY???? What’s it for? What is all this pain FOR?

I can identify with that. I’ve felt that. It’s very 9th House, ya know. WHAT IS THE MEANING HERE? I’ve written about this before. Borrowing an idea from Sasportas. We move from the trauma of the 8th to the meaning-making of the 9th. Otherwise how could we go on?

So I’d like to present this week’s Cardinal Cross as an answer-portal for you 🙂 Allow yourself to be pinned, to be cornered. Why? So you can stop. Rush (cardinal energy) to stop.

Cardinal doesn’t sit back and let others do the work. THIS BELONGS TO YOU.

And I still like this week: Sun and Venus and retrograde Mercury sextile Sagittarius. I was born under a sky like this. Lots of sextiles — good, working energy. It’s not lazy and it’s not crazy. You have to get out of the bed though… 🙂

"uranus square pluto"Next week is the partial Solar Eclipse/New Moon in Scorpio at zero degrees! I’ll be blogging mostly on the Private Blog about that but a couple may show up here 😉 if you’re good 😉

Love love love xx

PS Omg the cats are totally out of control here! You feeling this? Frisky frisky frisky!!!!


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