South Node Relationships: No Love Left Behind!

"pluto opposition sun"Sending much love and strength and prayer to a friend who was in a car accident the other day. Love you Peter. Get well soon. I promise I’ll come to the next class.


I feel for my own kind — other Virgo Risings, those with Pluto transiting their 5th.

How to negotiate with Pluto? To find a love that doesn’t feel like the Persephone myth, kidnapping and the like. You will draw to you the obsessive power hungry Pluto person, in pain and projecting that pain. Of course it isn’t always this way! You could, indeed, see a death and rebirth of your creative cycle. You could have a baby.

Other relationship tidbits on my mind: was looking at a friend’s chart the other day and the charts of two of her love interests and also a friend of hers. Every single one of those people (as well as my chart!) contained a contact to her South Node, to her Moon and South Node. Usually their Sun. In my case, my Venus. Past Life stuff I told her, with my usual eloquence 😉

And then I quoted another astrologer: it’s the giant sucking sound i.e. you can’t NOT get involved with these people. They are hard to quit, even when destructive. They aren’t all destructive though. Some point the way forward. The South Node isn’t alone. There is a North Node too of course, “where we make steady increments” as my teacher used to say.

And it wasn’t that they brought out her worst side necessarily, although I can say they revealed, stoked, her comfort zone (moon) and old patterns, possibly lifetimes of patterns.  Often when I see Moon and South Node together, there is something of the mother’s style of mothering/parenting that the native needs to leave behind.

Truth is, I don’t have hard and fast rules about this stuff. I get “feelings.” I look at the aspects between charts and then I blurt out. Or whisper: yup. I think you were in a relationship with this person for sure. A romantic one. Even though she’s your teacher now? In a past life, it was different.

Is the fact that she keeps pulling in South Node relationships a bad thing? Does it show that she’s not evolving? No. I think it shows that this is how she works out a large part of her South Node “issues” — with others. And that she NEED pay attention to these relationships for the lessons inside them. What do they all have in common? What does she do? What do they do? Are these relationships happy and fulfilling? If not, what are they about?

Have a beautiful day, my friends



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