Soul Of An Architect: Saturn Conjunct Uranus

"saturn conjunct uranus"I’m working on a reading for someone who has Saturn and Uranus conjunct in her natal and I found myself fascinated by this.

Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. What happens when they act as one? What kind of fusion is that?

A conjunction is two planets that do not act alone. Touch one and you touch them both. Y’all know I have a Moon Pluto conjunction. Touch my feelings (which are the heart of my Cancer Sun) and you touch my Pluto, my power.

And what if that fascinating Saturn Uranus conjunction is opposed by… ANYTHING at all. How do you move forward in life when you are always… disturbing the peace, often your own inner peace. Tearing down your own life and then running out for new bricks.

Like a painter who keeps painting over her canvases (yes I know someone like this). How can these two energies co-exist fused in one body. How can a body handle this? It sounds exhausting. But I know there’s another side. Structure + creativity: the soul of an architect.

We must remember that Aquarius is ruled by both these dudes. Rulebook Saturn and rule breaker Uranus. And that in Aquarians we find both. Stodgy toe-the-line types and the inventor-genuius-revolutionary (two extremes). And then of course the house matters. How will this energy pattern play out on a day to day level?

Do you have this conjunction? 


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