Something Missing: Retrograde Planets In The Natal Chart

"new moon in sagittarius 2012"I am not a Sagittarius. Too melancholic for that. But I like to philosophize (Sagittarius does this!) and figure out what things mean, what they truly mean. Experiment. Explore. Search. Truth!

And I am trying to get at the heart of what retrograde planets in the natal chart mean because I am unsatisifed with what I hear about them (and admittedly I have not turned over every theory on this matter. I know a little and then begin my own search). We have just started discussing this in the private room and have folks in there from different time zones so slowly they chime in with their thoughts and experiences and here’s my current take (subject to change).

Sometimes I feel that people hold retrograde planets responsible for what really belongs to other chart factors. For example, a girl will get “distracted” because she’s a Gemini. This happens with Gemini 😉 Not because her Saturn and Pluto are retrograde. Although does that figure in? Yes! It likely does. Saturn is discipline and Saturn and Pluto together are massive, mountain-movers! (And exploring those two biggies in conjunction is the subject for another blog post.) So then the question becomes how much do these retrograde planets influence her inability to focus and live her awesome power potential? How much hairsplitting do we want to do. That’s one potential question to ask.

For the time being, here’s my theory, with analogy: with retrograde planets in the natal chart, something is MISSING and I was half joking in the private room, but I used the eyeshadow analogy. Let’s say you want to apply make up and you’ve got everything you need but damn it! You can’t put on your eyeshadow because you have no eyeshadow! So your eyes look, and are… un-eyeshadowed 😉 Now, Jupiter retrograde, for example, does not mean lack of Jupiter or DOES IT?

I’m suggesting that something is missing from our Jupiterean (expansion/optimism) potential. No doubt this is not a new idea. I just get excited when I have the freedom (Jupiter) to discover things on my own. AND, furthermore, that a retrograde planet represents a core departure from the (usual) direct planet experience and expression, and in my next post I’ll examine what that could mean and what you should do about it!

Stay tuned for Part Two!

Love, MP


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