Some Fires Are Not Meant To Go Out: Ahoy Aries Season!

Yes, on New Moon in Pisces day, I’ve got my eye on Mars in Aries, the bravest soldier of all, Mars in his “home” sign because this, tonight, marks the transition, the beginning of the end of Piscean gentle (ha!) dominance of the skies.

Aries is a fire sign, Aries is the 1st sign, Aries is the ME sign, “me first.”

Now some Aries may balk at that cliched characterization but I don’t make these things up ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s the me/we axis. 1st House/7th House.

Aries has a reputation for selfishness just as Libra (we) has a reputation for… making nice. We know life isn’t this simple but I mention this “basic” manifestation of the energy because it may be time you started thinking about YOUR needs instead of always giving in. Or, actually, not thinking about it (Aries wouldn’t wait) but going for it.

Aries is ruled by Mars. Y’ll know I love Isabel Hickey: here are some of her keywords for Mars, from the neutral to the “negative” —

Energy, impulsiveness, leadership, courage, expression, independence, forcefulness, spontaneity, assertiveness, heroic, frank, self-reliant, fearless, constructive, domination, defiance, violence, combative, foolhardy, separate, passionate, cruel, destructive…

I love her keywords because you can see how clearly the energy can show up, from courage to cruelty.


I’ve been talking about this trip that I’m making later this month and in preparation for the trip I decided to look up the Torah portion for that week i.e. the section of the Old Testament that is read in public, on Shabbat, the weekly Jewish holy day. I am not religious in any strict traditional sense. I am eclectic absolutely. I need my Tibetan Buddhism, my Christian mysticism, my Edgar Cayce, but also my Jewish soul.

I read the portion quickly (will read it again) and one thing that stuck out in my mind was the idea of a fire that never goes out. A fire that is tended, not allowed to go out, and isn’t this the promise of fire signs in general, that we stay inspired, we stay ALIVE. Fire consumes but is also a light, a sign of life.

I suggest you make your preparations now for the fire. The astrological New Year is coming. Preparations for a fire that shall not go out even on rainy days, dark days, tired days and nights when the flame is no larger than a needle-eye. It’s a tall order, I know, but maybe together we can keep it going.

What do you want to keep going?ย 

Love, MP


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