New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer 2011 (Part One)

"Moon in Cancer"
Happy Summer Solstice!

There is such a thing as productive sinking in. I mean, as a technique for dealing with intense emotions, for dealing with the fall-out, for dealing with feeling spent or… depressed even. Worn to the bone.

Sometimes what helps is not to fight it. Not to do (see my previous post here) but to stop doing. For a set amount of time. I’m not saying to leave behind your responsibilities, but to take a break with intention. That your break includes letting your mind relax, float, letting your body relax, float. And it need not include formal techniques like meditation, but to have the intention of floating, like that period of mind before falling asleep. Like when you have a fever and need to rest more than anything in the world.

I think that… remembering, knowing these things is even more important now as we head into Cancer Season and our Cardinal t-square becomes a Cardinal cross. Cancer is sensitive, very sensitive. Sometimes I think people don’t really understand (and isn’t that Cancer’s lament? Lack of understanding) how sensitive Cancer is. Instead we just annoy people with our touchy twitchy emotions. But see, Cancer never wants to bother anyone. Cancer just wants… to speak and think and love freely. But the world? The world’s not really into that. Cancer: eternal mother, eternal child. It’s always both.

So as we enter Sensitive Season, take stock of what you do to comfort yourself, nurture yourself because the world can be hard and travelling away from the hardness can be as simple as listening to the birds for five minutes, if only you could remember to do it. Or looking up at the sky, instead of at the concrete, or at the mall.

I’m not Taurus, I’ve got Saturn in Taurus, but I notice that nature and the things of nature pop up a lot in what soothes me. From a distance though 🙂 Don’t take me to the park, just let me hear the birds from inside. See? The birds from inside. Inside the body, inside the heart. The shell. With Cancer, there is always the shell. Cancer carries its home on its back. And with Cancer Season here, questions of home come front and center. Where is your home? Who waits for you there?

So that’s today’s wisdom. That the wisdom is inside you. The birds are inside you. Find what works for you. Use it, practice it. Practice doesn’t make perfect, but it makes for… SANITY. 

Ever wake up a in a good mood and you don’t know why? I did this morning. I must have had some terrific dreams or… really did manage to untie that knot my mind was in. Maybe a little of both.

I wish all of you a good day, fellow star gazers, whoever is reading this now. Feel free to share details of your day, week, here… as we move forward to the next eclipse, July 1st in Cancer.

It’s a New Moon eclipse. A time for… considering what you want. Beginnings as well as endings. Maybe there’s a change you’d like to see. Tell us about it here.

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