Slippery Trickery Mercury Retrograde In Pisces

Sometimes things DO happen all of a sudden. Life changes, takes a turn.

I always felt I was one of those people who… made gradual changes, one step at a time, that I was not, am not, a Jupiter Uranus girl which can signal a sudden force (often lucky, depending on other aspects).

And yet this morning I did experience this. I noticed it. That I was seeing through something. That I had seen the light. That (Uranus keyword) ALL OF A SUDDEN I knew.

Does this happen to you? There is a shift in consciousness. A little death.


I’ve already talked quite a bit about this weekend, about the Scorpio Moon making lovely trines to to the transiting Pisces planets. Also Moon sextile PlutoĀ (a very psychic aspect) and as I am typing this it is ONE minute past Moon conjunct Saturn. No wonder. Perhaps that was the insight and a far cry from Jupiter Uranus energy but insight nonetheless, a serious revelation and contains a loss in it. Imagine that. Existential candy. That you bite into a piece and there is nothing inside.

I don’t mean to be a downer. I’m not feeling down. But Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio! Not the life of THAT kind of party. But the kind of party I would enjoy šŸ™‚ The kind of party where we… pay attention to the early morning birdsongs.

So what is this day good for: contemplation, psychoanalysis, exposing hidden truth but not painfully. Moon in Scorpio (safety, security, emotional discovery) is in harmony with Chiron (what hurts you), Pluto (what you must surrender to especially where Pluto is by transit), the Sun (you right now), and Mercury retrograde (your thinking moving from confusion to clarity in an instant).

I have a feeling, I have a VERY strong feeling that despite trines (or because of them) this Mercury retrograde is extra tricky, extra slippery and aha this is the reason I needed to write this particular blog post. To tell you this. Because whatever or whoever is presenting itself now to you as TRUTH or as future or as… what you need most or as… a meaningful life… there is more than meets the eye. Draw no conclusions. Wait.

Am I right, Tarot? What an interesting answer. Strength. We can read this as: you have the necessary strength. And/or that you shall need the necessary strength. A positive card, a blessed card, the infinity symbol over her head, she is taming the beast, the passions, the fears. she is above them. Patience, stamina, refusing to give up or give in to despair.


I hope you are feeling strong as you read this. Let’s draw one more. 10 of Pentacles. I see the arc here. We keep Strength-mind and Strength-approach to get to 10 of Pentacles reality. Everyday magic and security. We are always in the house of God, always. And you can call it whatever you want. I have no bad association with the G-word but what I mean is that we aren’t alone.

The Pisces energy encourages noticing this. To sit and feel the presence of what is there, gather strength.


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