Sleep Closer To The Altar: The Stars This Week

I want time in my day so I can write poems again. And not have my little poem thoughts become blog posts 🙂 

And there is a book proposal that I want to craft and another book in my head because I want to work with Elizabeth from Lark Books and I sing the lament of the self employed but I am not complaining. Mama MoonPluto gonna figure it out! 

I think I may sleep in the living room tonight so I can be closer to my altar. 



The week starts off slow and steady with Moon in Taurus, my favorite moon sign.

Why is it my favorite? Because of my old friend Esther 🙂 Sagittarius Sun with Taurus Moon. Open door policy to anyone in the neighborhood (which had its problems of course) and food and comfort for all. And those deep Taurus Moon eyes.

Tuesday brings us the Mercury Chiron conjunction in Pisces. This is what I wrote on my Facebook about this aspect:

Conjunctions are fusions. Fused energy. Dependent. Married.
Mercury is your mind. In Pisces, Mercury absorbs the mood of the room and gets overwhelmed.
Chiron is … well Chiron may be making you a little sad this week. Like, deer without a mother sad.
Advice is to pet the deer. Adopt the deer. Love the deer.
And remember that Neptune love is limitless


Wednesday: Sun in Aries trine Saturn in Sagittarius (retrograde).
Friday: Venus in Taurus square Jupiter in Leo.

You know what? The transits BETWEEN the Eclipses matter. A lot. 

Next week: Venus trine Pluto. Mercury into Aries. Mars into Taurus. Venus Chiron sextile. Mercury trine Saturn. Sun trine Jupiter. All this leads up to the April eclipse and it’s all good. I’d say the spookiest aspect is the Mercury Chiron but Mercury  has wings so not to worry my turtledoves!

Sleep closer to the altar this week, the better your prayers shall rise. I know the Libra Eciipse is stressful. Most of us have had ENOUGH wrecking ball through our Aries/Libra axis these years. I too am happy the Nodes are shifting to Virgo/Pisces this fall. I say that NOW 😉

Did I use the word shocking in the previous blog post? Maybe it won’t be shocking but I think it will be surprising. It’s like… something dead comes back to life IN YOUR LIBRA HOUSE AND IN YOUR PISCES HOUSE NOT KIDDING and, well, that’s not the way nature works usually 😉 you don’t know what to do with this… THING! Is it alive? Is it dead? Can you trust it? Will it just die again? Did it really change? Or do you just UNDERSTAND LIFE much better now. 

I don’t know the ultimate answer for you (unless you get a reading of course!) but I think it will be VERY interesting. Pisces and Libra inconjunct on the (natural) wheel so it just doesn’t make sense and yet THERE IT IS!

THE NEW WEBSITE SHOULD be up soon! I’ll finally be presenting my magickal services and my compassionate coaching (Virgo Help for Pisces People!) and some other stuff 🙂 There is still some content I need to add and other technical details but fingers crossed this week.