Sitting Still When You Know Change Is Coming

"uranus square sun" I keep thinking about my transits, major transits. No lightweight transits here. MAJOR. Mid-life. Transits.

AND one of those planets just moved a degree in the direction of my Sun. I felt my heart sink. I’M NOT READY I heard myself moan. But it’s here. It has been here. And I started really paying attention when it was about… five degrees away and then last night. One more degree.

Part of me wants to scramble back to all my books and resources and read up and another part of me already knows. Already knows change is coming and what I need to do is learn to Sit Still once again. And stop fighting the current. Stop chasing change. Because it will come on its own, soon enough.

What I also do is look for the good transit. If so and so planet is making a square or opposition, time to search for what else it’s doing in my chart, including asteroids. I was thrilled to discover that while outer planets are goosing my Sun, I’m also getting a good aspect to my natal Nessus. Grasping at straws, maybe, but what we focus on expands. My Nessus is in my 10th House. This is where I’ll focus.

What transits are you under?

Love, MP

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