Sit Still And Trust The Engineer: Mars Conjunct Uranus (Plus News From My 12th House)

Promised myself I’d blog about Kevin the firefighter, Las Vegas native (well, almost), who was sitting to my left on the flight down. He was helpful – putting up his armrest when I needed more room (I was in the middle seat), talking to me when I started feeling loony after 6 hours in the air, reminding me to unplug my ears due to the air pressure changes, and more!

Of course I had to ask his sign. Taurus. No wonder he was so reassuring and SOLID! I could lean on him if needed. And yes he saw himself in a few of the Taurus traits I mentioned.

Do you make friends en route?


This is the third time (I think — could be more) I’ve written about transiting Mars and Uranus conjunct my Chiron. Sun and Venus too if I’m feeling generous. An 8th House transit for me, one of those “other people” houses and early this morning all the old losses (hello 8th House Chiron!) were before my eyes, my mind was racing, couldn’t stop it, didn’t try to, until I fell asleep once again.

I knew what it was though. This transit. And that I had a choice. I didn’t have to sink. I could stay present, be my own witness, recognize the difference between then and now. All the old losses vs. the current fear of loss.

Last night on Facebook I read a Corrie ten Boom quote and it moved me. I memorized it.

“When a train goes through a tunnel, and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer.”


Also last night started thinking about the way I love, thinking about my 12th House Venus and how 12th House people need to embody love, BE love. This is different than just… loving a person, la di da. It’s bigger. It’s limitless. It’s forgiveness.

Can you imagine? Being loved by a person embodying love? Being loved BY love? That’s what love from the 12th House feels like. Who among us can bear such a love ūüėČ

And also how the 12th House is a solitary place. It can’t really be shared. Even though the 12th House Venus loves from this place. We can try to describe, explain what it’s like in there but we can’t be there *with* you. We are there alone although we love you from there.

My friend wound up having to work a double shift at work last night so our evening plans got dashed and at first I was annoyed, restless and then my 12th House kicked in. Even waiting for a friend is sweetened. And then you sit still and trust the engineer.


I know I haven’t been giving you much Vegas site seeing yet. What’s been happening here has been more internal than external. More 8th House than 9th House (travel) or 5th House (fun and games). See, I knew I was coming out here to gamble, but not that kind.

Love, MP


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