Simple Advice For Thinky Types Who Do Readings Of Any Kind

"new moon in scorpio 2011"

So, like, you have to leave your brain behind. Turn it off. I look at charts but I’m also doing more Tarot these days, and what I do, what I have to do is turn off my Virgo Moon, my Virgo Rising, my Virgo South Node and run like hell towards my Pisces North Node, towards my Moon Pluto conjunction, towards my Mercury trine Neptune: F L O W. “Running” is probably the wrong metaphor. Swim, right?

This is how it works for me. It may be something else that you need to turn off. May be something else that you need to turn on, tune in to. But no doubt there is SOMETHING.

It is not easy to stop thinking. It’s not hard the way LIFE is hard, but it’s a challenge to have any degree of faith AT ALL when your North Node is in the sign of faith, Pisces!

So this is what you do: look, gather, and then tell them what you see. And have faith that what you see is what you need to tell them. ย They may not recognize it. Sometimes they don’t. But sometimes they do. And you both go ahhhhhh validation. For them, for you. It is, yeah, a kind of magic.

Is it channeling? Is it psychic? I don’t know what the hell it is and honestly I don’t want to THINK ABOUT IT BECAUSE THAT WOULD ACTIVATE ALL MY VIRGO AGAIN ๐Ÿ˜‰

Now, does this same lesson apply towards… other parts of life? YES IT DOES. Stop your clinging and your grasping and your…. WHATEVER. You can’t hold onto this shit. What you can do is… you move in a direction and either they meet you there or they go the other way. Can’t Control Nobody. Let it go. Make up YOUR mind and then let it go.

I had an amazing therapist, years ago, when I lived in Iowa. I was going to start teaching for the first time and I was terrified and she gave me this short list of things to remember and the last one was, “Don’t get attached to results.” ย Show up. Find your truth. Don’t get attached to results.

What trips you up? Is it your mind? Or something else?ย 

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