Silver Linings Through Centaurs

Ugh. My transits.


This isn’t just me talking 🙂 it’s the echoes of my clients 🙂 but we make-do. We work with what we have.

But what happens when you SEE the tidal wave and… what? You are going to do what? Shimmy up the palm tree? Maybe.

So my Sun is (and will be, for a few years) caught in crosshairs of the Uranus Pluto square and I’ve been staring at my chart looking for the silver lining. Knowing, thinking: okay, Uranus will square my Sun but IS IT DOING ANYTHING GOOD IN MY CHART? I mean, obvious good. Revealed good. Not this Tower-card type good.

And I dug through my ephemeris and it’s not until… 2017? (I have to check to remember) when I get a trine to my Venus and the other day on the train I was looking at an astro app I have on my phone and VOILA! I FOUND IT.

A teeny tiny teeny tiny TEENY TINY silver lining. 

Transiting Uranus in my 8th House (death, taxes) will sextile my natal Nessus in my 10th. That’s right, folks, my natal NESSUS.

Nessus is one of the centaurs and somewhat fashionable for those who are interested in stuff other than the usual planets, Sun, and Moon for their astrology.

Now the centaurs were a wild bunch for the most part (in mythology) and Nessus’ myth is particularly wicked (look it up!) — but I take note of an 8th House to 10th House SEXTILE. Sextile = good. It may not be the free ride of a trine but it’s definitely second place, blue ribbon and even some may argue that sextiles are BETTER than trines.

Moral of story: when you find yourself perusing your upcoming transits and are starting to feel alarmed, widen your scope because there could be a centaur or a goddess waiting for you. Because WHAT WE FOCUS ON EXPANDS and I rather focus on expanding my career and increasing resources (8th/10th) than fearing… my ultimate possibly painful liberation (Uranus square Sun). Because frankly I’m just not in the mood to be that free 😉 not today!!

And another word of advice: you also want to check out the natal planet i.e. if it’s transiting Uranus that’s got me down, I revisit my natal Uranus and its aspects for more keys and clues.

Nessus is such a tricky myth — in terms of how best to use this energy. I shall save it for the next post.

What are you building? What are you breaking? Have you found your Nessus today? 

Love, MP


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