Rebirth: Saturn In Scorpio

"full moon lunar eclipse in gemini"Saturn, along with Pluto, is associated with death.

But in my recent experience I have found that Saturn transits birth as much as they kill. I realize this sounds like Pluto, but hear me out….

Another Saturn keyword: structure. And of course it’s always more than ONE area of life that a transiting planet affects. Have I had Saturn death? Oh yes, I have. But then you shuffle the deck.

Pay attention to where you have restructured, reconstructed. Where you have planned. Where the losses weren’t really losses but you making the hard phone calls on a Monday morning 😉

Are you tracking Saturn in Scorpio through your chart? I am. Third House for me. Already my “short trips” are being affected. “Short trips” is a common key phrase for the third house and IT IS happening in my life. One may think short trips would be curtailed (Saturn tends to limit) but in my case I am making more of them but for Saturnian purposes i.e. these trips HAVE purpose. Saturn is trining my North Node and descendent at the moment. Make of that what you will 😉


Slight tangent but also along these lines, and since Saturn in Scorpio has followed Saturn in Libra, relationships are on my mind (as always!) From the surface (Libra) to the real deal (Scorpio). This is a topic I started in our private room:

“Do romantic relationships lull you or inspire you? Or neither? I find the LESS I get my needs met (I have an 8th House Chiron), I get filled with desire and this inspires me artistically, the LACK and the longing. This is very much my chart. And then when my desires ARE met, I feel coddled and fed, like a baby and just want to relax. Like a rescued dog. I used the phrase Chiron dogs in a blog post once…. I wonder if this is a PTSD reaction. Finally finding some safety. Which means the initial lulling would probably pass and it would even out and I’d feel like striving again.”

Mercury goes direct today. Share your thoughts here, past, present, future 🙂

Love, MP


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