Show Me Your Libra!

Where’s the Libra stellium for you? Look in your chart. It’s a lot of energy, compressed, tight, focused. The Libra Moon has moved on, but we’ve still got a party there and the Moon and Mars in fire are supporting.

I know we’ve been talking about this all along, but sometimes… we get used to the energy and sometimes… we need to revisit the chart. So where is it? Where are you feeling the urge to… partner? To love? To balance? To Venus-ize? To cooperate? To calm the fuck down? Not that Libra is asleep, but they have tact, you know? Even while they’re playing devil’s advocate. Where are you feeling to urge to look good? To harmonize?

Saturn in your Libra house wants you to GET REAL about whatever those issues are. Saturn will make sure you get real. Saturn transits change you in that Saturn works on your foundation, your troops on the ground. Dig? It’s real, reality, real world, real life. You won’t come out of Saturn’s grip not knowing where you stand. Saturn is not Neptune! He pushes your confusion off a cliff. He shows you, can show you, where you NEED WORK and he will remove what’s not working.

Is it fun? Eh. Not really. But it’s real and you can’t help but make progress. Unless you give up. And no one reading this blog is giving up, right? If I’m not allowed to, then you can’t either 😉

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