Shine There Now! Planetary Round Up: The Stars Today

"sun in cancer"
"Born Free"

Leo Season! We’ve got Sun, Venus, and Mercury Retrograde in Leo and the Full Moon in Aquarius in opposition.

Mars is in the early degrees of Cancer, pulling away from the Pluto Uranus cardinal square and will square Saturn soon enough (not fun, but won’t last forever đŸ˜‰

Jupiter hanging in at 9 Taurus…

My thought is that the Fire and Air people will cruise along nicely with all this Leo. Mars will come up to sextile Jupiter, which is good for energy, and good for our water/earth friends. Maybe everyone will get, at least, a small slice of Leo cake đŸ™‚

Dare I say it? After the drama of the cardinal stuff, I feel some calm, sky-wise, despite the Full Moon, and maybe the detatched (a cliche, I know) Aqua energy is aiding this: a chill opposing the Leo warm.

Balance. That’s what I’m seeing and feeling. As I wrote yesterday, tearing down, building up: (seeking) balance between these two forces and while you’re meditating on this? Have fun, Leo style! Do the work (Saturn) but take breaks and enjoy being the Star, which is Leo’s birthright. Doesn’t matter if you aren’t a Leo, you have Leo somewhere in your chart and you can, and will, SHINE THERE NOW.

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