She Has Pluto Transiting Her 4th House What The Hell

This a blog for Miss X (name changed to protect the innocent) who is UNDER PLUTO at this time.

Or maybe I should say that… Pluto is under her! Pluto is transiting her 4th House, the very bottom of her chart thus… the lessons, I think, may feel like skin. It’s just… THERE. We don’t think about it. We go about our lives. We only really notice it when something goes wrong.

And we must ask ourselves: what is this Pluto? What is this 4th House?

Also to remember that Pluto is a slow mover! I think Miss X realizes this and knows she’s GOT TO DEAL but knows all won’t be revealed any time soon. Transits of the outer planets are complex and Miss X is a young woman, pre-Saturn Return.

Note to self: Pluto is not new to her 4th House
Note to self: Miss X is most curious about Pluto going retrograde next month
Note to self: Miss X’s natal Pluto is in her 2nd House
Note to self: Pluto is currently conjunct her 4th House Saturn Neptune
Note to self: I don’t know anything about Miss X’s living situation (4th House = home, family, and in the words of Isabel Hickey:

Your base of operations: in the outer world, your home. In the inner world, your soul. Also, that which is hidden from the depths of the self. Miss Hickey’s list goes on but I’ll stop there.

Note to self: I don’t know if Miss X’s parents are both alive. I think so. But I vaguely remember a “step” situation and  I  don’t think due to an untimely passing but I can’t say for sure. This is a taboo topic of course, the death of guardians for such a young soul but Miss X has a busy 8th House. I’m sure she’s thought about it.

Note to self: Pluto won’t leave her 4th House until… 2024. And it’s been in her 4th House since… 2008. LONG TRANSIT, folks!

What is Pluto? Pluto (according to underrated astrologers March and McEvers) is THE DESTROYING OR REFORMING URGE. Fusion. Exposure. IT’S ACTION IS SLOW, PONDEROUS AND INEVITABLE (page 29).

And simliar to the 4th House (as Hickey describes it), Pluto rules that which is hidden from view, including what is within you/ hidden from YOU.

Miss X must thus discover the MEANING of this transit, step by step (she also has a Virgo South Node).

Will she move house during this transit? Likely. Will there will be a death. It’s possible. I’m not predicting anything here and it would take more than this planet through the house alone to set that off. Will there be loss? Define loss. Miss X is an Aquarius with an Aries Moon. SHE rushes in where angels fear to tread. She may enjoy the rush of… the pulse of life itself.

What I think she needs to know:  during this transit (whether direct or retrograde) she must, she WILL, learn who she is. Not in a 1st House way, but in a 2nd House way. Grounded definition. Stating her claim. Staking her claim. What she values. WHAT SHE HOPES TO INCREASE. How she wants to make her money. What she wants to build. WHY she wants to build it. What she VALUES. And whether she is living her life… or her family’s ideal.

And she’s having a Pluto SEXTILE now. Family is helping her. Legacy is helping her. Where she comes from is helping her. She just needs to knock on the door. She just needs to CHOOSE which door and I think the retrograde period will help her with this. (Indecisive Libra Rising!)

She is also coming to conscious realization of… who is on her side and who isn’t. And she has a precious opportunity to break free of… expectation, of self-imposed limitation. Pluto is trining her 8th House Mars in Taurus. Oh yes this girl can get what she wants. But does she know what it is? And what it could look like?

And what parts of herself will she sacrifice in the process? I’m staring at her natal Sun Pluto square as I type this and that 5th House Sun is SO creative and the pressure of her family… I just feel it.

So this is my prayer for Miss X: that Pluto retrograde has you deciding what you want to keep and what you want to let go. PLUTO RULES ELIMINATION.

And I love a gross metaphor as much as the next gal so… what do you want to flush, my dear? Flush away! Because this really is a marvelous transit for… taking apart what you thought was so Saturnian, so solid, so steeped in history and legacy and… growing something else in its place that is uniquely you but accepting assistance when/where/how you want it. Keyword: GROWING. Pluto trine your Taurus Mars.



Love, MP


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