Shaving The Mats: New Moon In Aquarius

Yesterday and today were full of delays, a little topsy turvy and I had a few revelations about my life that I wanted to share with you.

My Progressed Moon is in Aries: every step I make towards independence, seems to… be a good thing. Despite it feeling kind of yucky at first.

Lesson: do visit your progressed chart and ponder how that Moon is similar or different to your natal Moon. What house is it transiting? What do you think that Moon could mean for your life now? Lesson Two: it’s like one Moon gives birth to the next.

The second thing is my cat Goldy. Long story short, Saturn in Virgo was a pretty stressful time for me and Goldy lived for half a year (or more, I forget!) with a friend and her kids. I think it was stressful for him too. When he came back to me that’s when I first noticed the matted fur. Like driftwood! And in the last week I’ve noticed that… after he uses the litter box, he doesn’t smell quite so fresh. He’s got a lot of wild wild hind hair back there and the poo is no doubt… getting entangled.

Soon we’ll go to a new vet and Goldy is going to receive a “sanitary shave.” I think that’s what they called it. So funny! I had no idea it had a name! And maybe even a Lion Cut to get rid of all the matted fur.

Remember a while back I talked about going back to therapy? Well, it’s happened. I’ve been three times already and it’s good. And today I was telling him about relationships leaving my life and about Goldy and the matted fur and he smiled and said WHAT A GREAT METAPHOR. Getting rid of the SHIT.

And I am applying these stories to the New Moon in Aquarius which squares the North Node in Scorpio and the South Node in Taurus and how stubborn (fixed signs!) we can be about… letting go the old and letting in the new.

And SOMETIMES it is true that you have to close one door before another can open. (I fucking hate that, to tell you the truth but it seems to be true.)

I am planning a ritual actually. I did a ritual a few years ago which created space in my life and it’s that time again. And it will be a three-tiered ritual which I think means that… three-layer cake may be necessary.

My therapist (let’s call him… He-Man) asked me:  how do you think that will feel? To let all that go.

On one level, it feels very… Moon in Aries. Very free. Freeing. And on the other hand, it’s scary, right?

Truth is though… I don’t feel all that scared. That’s also the Moon in Aries. Aries is the warrior. Moon in Aries has no time, no inclination to feel the fear. They just POW YANG!

Because there were three people in my life. Three. Not three romantic relationships, but three people who brought energy to my life and… yeah. I think I’m saying goodbye to all three. That’s going to create… a BIG space. Big big big Jupiter direct space.

Know what I’m going to do? You guessed it!

King of Swords. It’s more than little snip, isn’t it.

Rachel Pollack says: In his best sense, the King of Swords evokes Justice… Like Justice, and alone of all the court cards, he stares directly out at us, a master of wisdom compelling us to recognize and hold to the truth.

The King of Swords is looking at me and at you too.

And that’s the basis of my question for you. How honest are you? How honest are you with yourself most of all?

And when you find the New Moon in Aquarius in  your chart (21 degrees), what do you imagine NEW is coming to your life? Because it will. Every New Moon is a new start. It could be an idea or it could be something material (like a new job) but THERE WILL BE a generative, creative force in that part of your chart.

Happy Moon in Capricorn 😉

P.S. I drew one more card: Queen of Wands. So I’m taking this to be the order of things. That the clean cut of the King of Swords will lead us to the creative fire of this Queen.

Pollack has this to say: “Sometimes if a person loves life, the world appears to respond by protecting that person from harm and send her or him joyous experiences.”

And I think that’s a good place to stop 🙂 Little Poem for Wednesday a little later on…


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