Shame Is Extra: Taurus vs. Scorpio

Fitness gurus are my heroes these days, as much as my beloved spiritual teachers and then I realize that my fitness gurus ARE spiritual teachers too.

I was reading a Jillian Michaels book on the train:

“…it’s okay to struggle. So often we feel shame when we struggle, as though it makes us less in some way. Many people have thoughts like If I were stronger, this wouldn’t be a problem for me or if I were more disciplined, I wouldn’t get strung up like that. Utter crap. Struggle is a part of life. The key is what you do with your struggles…”

If you are a Leo, an Aquarius, a Scorpio, a Taurus (one of the fixed signs) being hammered by the planets in Taurus opposing Saturn in Scorpio, which is feeling like an all-out war for some folks, please please don’t add shame to the mix too. Shame is extra. You don’t need it. Return to sender!

I feel like springtime, Taurus Season, should be easier somehow. Remember though we’re in Eclipse Season which feels like 1. lockdown and 2. anything could happen. Destabilization. False starts. False endings. More intensity than clarity now, thus you must work on your balance. You can work from the outside to the inside. Even those of you getting the good stuff may feel uneasy or that your life is flashing before your eyes.

I know not everyone is exercise obsessed like me these days. I’m in my early 40s after radical change to heal my health and hmm I’m remembering a weight loss from my high school days… how I changed the outside first and then my insides changed. Usually, the wisdom is that it works the other way. Not for me.

It’s ironic. Taurus is supposed to be our solid ground but not this time around. So the question becomes how will you keep it real and righteous and keep passing the open windows…

Who are your heroes? 

Love, MP


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