Sexy Capricorn Risings In Love

Oh Lord ANOTHER Capricorn Rising.

Different chart but another Capricorn Rising.

You know what I’ve noticed about these women?
Sexy. They’re sexy.
Whether they want to be sexy or not.

And I fall in their 7th House.
My Cancer Sun, Mercury, and Mars falls in their 7th House of committed relationships.
So I like them and they like me.

But all of that is besides the point.

My job is to help, not to comment on the sexiness of Capricorn Rising ladies 🙂

But there is a method to my madness. Really.
Because what I see here is the NEW MOON ECLIPSE IN TAURUS falling in her 5th House, playful, fun, loving.

Eclipses are heavy energy, right?
Heavy in terms of… NOW IT IS TIME.
Whether it’s an initiating or a releasing eclipse.

And earlier today I was talking to not a Capricorn Rising but a Capricorn Sun and talking about HER 5th House and about new love and getting her creativity back.
Feeling inspired.
Even though she’s not in love.
And not in loss.
Just… alive.
Bringing Neptune back. In a good way.

Dear Capricorn Rising:

Full Moon Eclipse in Libra conjunct your Uranus in your 10th House and I know you’ve been in the same job for some years now and life is stable but I also know you have the ability to RUN and…

the Full Moon Eclipse is square your Sun so… it’s a shock.
You shocking them. All those 7th House near and dear people when they hear about your GREAT ADVENTURE.

This is what I see/feel in your energy.

But I also see/feel Capricorn Rising who can put a stop to all that Fool (Tarot alert) behavior!

I try not to tell people what to do.
But I do tell them what I think.
Sometimes I even tell them what I would do.
But that free-will thing exists.

Dear Capricorn Rising: 
You can run but you can’t hide. 
The word RECONSTITUTE comes to mind. Build up again from parts. Reconstruct.
But first you have to fall apart. 

And I think, actually, that’s the process you are in NOW. 
And it can be as subtle as a draft.
The open window…

Does this make sense? Are you feeling this? Any other Capricorn Risings feel this way?

Honestly I think the love thing is up to you. But the energy swirl is not. You can run but you can’t hide 😉

Love, MP

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