Sextiles By Transit? WTF

"jupiter in leo" I’m curious what YOU think, dear readers. 

Now I RATHER see a trine than a sextile by transit.
And I rather see a sextile than a hard aspect (square or opposition, some conjunctions) by transit.

What has been your experience? How good have sextiles by transit been to you? 

Do I think they can help? I think they can help. One question being: HOW MUCH do they help. If you are a Virgo-type person like me then you want to calculate it.

Soften the blow of harder transits? Smooth the way? Show potential. We just need to do some work to help manifest. Not the pure gift of a trine BUT YES THEY ARE GOOD. The Good Witch transit 🙂 Helpful. Buddies. The Buddy Transit!

And sometimes it can be hard to tease out which transit is doing what, if you’ve got a bunch going on. But for sure, if you are going through something painful, it is NOT a sextile. The sextile is the opening, the opportunity. Sextiles also bring the gift of… feeling okay with your lot! You’re happier, easier to please, more easily satisfied. If you are undergoing some brutal transits then PLEASE focus on your sextiles, do whatever you can to help them.

Jupiter in Leo will sextile my natal Jupiter. I may not win the lottery 🙂 but it certainly will be less painful than my Jupiter square. Some think oh it’s Jupiter — can’t be bad! BUT Jupiter makes things BIG. And I have a natal 2nd House Jupiter so my moving expenses are covered (or not covered) under my current Jupiter square! About Jupiter though: could be a big gain from a big expense.

And the sextile could bring potentially… a new money-making (2nd House) or writing/publishing (Jupiter) situation for me that will bring in some extra $$ as long as I do the work. It won’t just fall in my lap. OR it will fall into my lap but THEN WHAT?

Just a few stray thoughts as we go through the final stages of packing before the move 🙂

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