Sex And The Opposition



"mars opposition mars"

I had a fight with my boyfriend last night.

It seems (yes, seems) that our definitions and experience and need of sex or sexual expression… differs.

I said to him:

You have Moon in the 1st House. So do I. But I ALSO have Pluto there. Your cock is in my 1st House.

Pluto rules sex. Pluto rules the sex organs. Regeneration. Rebirth.

1st House keywords: one’s appetite, one’s body, one’s character, one’s craving, one’s desire, one’s force, one’s power, one’s walk…

The 1st House? Who you are.

Transiting Saturn is in my 2nd House which means it is opposing i.e. sparing with my 8th House which is Mars ruled in my chart and Pluto ruled in a natural chart. This IS a sex transit. And I just realized this this morning. I was so busy with the other meanings of the 2nd/8th that I overlooked this one all this time.

Pluto in my 1st house means that sex is the way to ME.  ME. And thus the danger. Because such Pluto people will search for the holder of this magic… and a 1st house Pluto of course means you die over and over and get reborn.

You don’t stop.

He and I also have a Mars opposition: sex vs. sex. This, of course, can lead to bickering. Arguing. Fighting. And sex.

By the way, I do not recommend the Mars opposition for platonic friendship but for the love thing? I do. You likely will find that person very compelling, their energy coming at you like a freight train.

How does your chart reflect your sexuality?


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