Sex And The Opposition, Part 2

"mars in capricorn opposite mars in cancer"

I was going to write a Part Two to my Sex And The Opposition post but there really wasn’t more to say.

We worked it out. We always do.

Ever have a relationship like that? That you are given more than your share of opportunities to end it and it always… it resurrects, and this makes me pay attention.

Sometimes when I do readings for people and especially when we’re working with the Tarot and I’m being asked questions about the future… sometimes I feel that I can feel, see the span of a life. Someone will ask “Will such and such happen” and I’ll feel “not anytime soon” but… and I’ll tune-in to this span of a life and think “in 10 years” — or see the energy around them i.e. that the possibility exists but so does free-will. It’s tricky like that.

The energy of a No feels different than the energy of possibility.

And I do believe that some relationships are free-will relationships and some aren’t. I call them No-Escape-Relationships.

Mild tangent: I have my natal Venus in the 12th House and “limitless” is a 12th House keyword and I realize that is another way to redeem her from the prison of the 12th:  to love beyond reason. That makes a 12th House Venus happy.

(Or does it just imprison her further? Ha!)

And as far as synastry goes, in general, I believe you really need a combination of aspects. Too much “good” and it becomes a sweet friendship. Too many squares and I think you wind up feeling depressed around a person. The opposition though? One or two of those in personal planets? There’s your sparky spark!

Other preferences of mine: that the Saturns get along and the Mercuries get along — although more important, for me, that the Saturns get along. It is possible to love even without understanding i.e. Mercury problems. But harsh harsh Saturn aspects (and you’d have to know what harsh felt to YOU) can turn love to hate.

What are your synastry preferences? 


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