Sex And The Moon Pluto Person

"moon conjunct pluto" The first in a series of posts about sex.
The secret ingredient to sex is love. I am quoting a line from Lars von Trier‘s movie Nymphomania.

But it’s different for everyone. There are people who… have sex and it functions as a reset button, a cup of coffee. They are ZING off to the next thing. Not that I judge. Everybody’s different.

They may love it, be into it, be excited, want to be there, love their partner but… the ejaculate moment may be more akin to spitting out tobacco than what, for me, is, well, a religious experience.
And by that I mean it is sacred. No matter how dirty it is 😉 it is sacred.

And the fact that you show
to another
I don’t even mean the body
but yes the body
what you are showing is your DESIRE
this and not this
this and not that
oh yes that…
tender opening
speaking as a female
flower as in an ee cummings poem
but even men have mouths (and other holes so…)

From the dictionary on my MacBook, definition of the word VULNERABLE:
ORIGIN early 17th cent.: from late Latin vulnerabilis, from Latin vulnerare ‘to wound,’ from vulnus ‘wound.’

Do you give your lover the power to wound you? 

I used to write poem after poem about this subject. Searching for ways to describe my experience.

Let me try to give some more details — and this will give you some insight into the MOON PLUTO conjunction person with MARS IN CANCER – the emotional-passionate lover. 

The effect on me is total and hypnotic. I can’t just get out of bed (or wherever), straighten out my clothes and go. I can’t switch that fast. I’ve gone IN.  In and under. And there are these… emotional waves, concentric circles, deep blue and still. The Body Electric. And please do not try to rush me out of my state. It has to transform on its own. And it will. There is evidence of my ability to transform daily i.e. I’m a functioning adult.

After all, your d**k was just in me (she may say).
This is… god I struggle to find the words.
This is
IT is
a breach.
It is a breach.
Penetration is a breach.
It is an agreed upon spectacular breach.

You take someone into your body
And then you recover. Some of us have to recover.

The best thing on earth for the Moon Pluto person is to have someone to explore this enveloping connection with, committed. 

Does this behavior sound familiar to you? Are you this way? Is your lover? 

I’m surprised actually that it took me this long to start writing about sex again. Pluto is transiting my 5th House. Uranus moving through my 8th. These two squaring each other, aspecting my Sun. I shall not let my experience become taboo. And yes I like to explore the fine line between what is sacred/private vs. public/blogged.

To be continued…

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