Setting Full Moon Intentions: Letting Go Of Guilt

"saturn in scorpio"I started a thread in our private group about boundaries. Whether folks have them. Whether they were better a month ago vs. 6 months ago vs. a year ago and this led me to the topic of GUILT.

I think we suffer guilt due to boundaries. That we feel guilty when we set them. We may even feel guilty when we don’t set them. When we live our lives according to our needs, making choices, and not according to making others happy 24/7, we feel guilty.

That the voice inside my head is “How dare you!” … and it could be any number of things not limited to, but including, how dare you

be happy, enjoy yourself, make a living in a way that makes you happy, take it easy, relax, feel safe, you need to suffer, you need to be miserable JUST LIKE ME.

And then I wonder whose voice this is. Because it feels like it comes from outside of me. That it’s NOT me. From my gut I get the answer right away and I know it’s true: it’s my grandmother. And you know what else? I think I’m tuning in to some deep shit because she’s not even saying this stuff to ME. She said it to MY MOTHER. And I’m reading, I’m picking up on that energy. Hello Saturn in Scorpio through my 3rd House. Scorpio/Pluto is the taboo. And Saturn in Scorpio through the 3rd is going to WRITE about it. It is taboo for this Cancer to write about familial mess (and you don’t even know the half of it because I don’t write about it) but Saturn in Scorpio tells the truth.

My mother did encourage me, especially my artistic/creative side but this is the maternal line I come from, my maternal blood. It is mine too. MY LEGACY, my Chiron (pain) in the 8th House.  Those places where you need to feel safe? Well, you aren’t. It’s like swimming in thorny water with Chiron there. Remember though, the place where Chiron hurts is also the place where Chiron heals.

So this Full Moon in Gemini, and Gemini is NOT a heavy sign, but the rest of the sky on this day IS, I announce my intention to RELEASE all guilt. Yeah. You heard me. ALL GUILT, mine or not mine, ancestral or personal to me. Go in peace, little guilt-zillas. This is our last goodbye.

Do you set intentions for Full Moons too? Do you pay attention to your life or let it pass the fuck on by? 



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