Setting An Intention…

"new moon solar eclipse in sagittarius"
mmmmm mystery

Is a little like setting a table. What do you want to put there? Do you follow the rules? Do you make up the rules? On which side does the fork go? And which fork? And so on.

As I was running my errands today in the Big City I had an idea! Tarot! Use the Tarot card images along with your intention setting. See, I was… God I don’t even remember now what I was thinking but it was something I wanted and all of a sudden the 9 of Cups came to mind! The wish card! The happy guy. The drinky guy.

But the point is this: use your favorite Tarot images, from any deck, to enhance your intention setting on New Moons or anytime really.

Are you feeling weak? Visualize Strength. Are you feel blocked? See the High Priestess. Her intuition is strong. Are you ready to move forward? 6 of Swords!

Now you don’t need to follow my choices. It should be personal to you. What makes sense to you. The cards that move you. The cards that make you feel good.

I am seeing the 3 of Wands in my mind’s eye right now. I don’t know why. It just popped up!  I’m waiting for my ships! These cards really do speak. They become your friends.

Do try this exercise at home and see what happens, and please share your findings! And if you don’t have a deck, there are pictures on line of course.

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