Set Your Intentions On Fire For The New Moon In Aries

"new moon aries"

The New Moon in Aries is on Thursday and we speak about New Moons as times to “set intentions.”

Sometimes on Twitter I would talk about setting intentions for Full Moons. The other day I wondered about setting an intention for the Sun entering Aries. Can we, do we, ever leave intentions behind? Do we ever stop wanting… to make change? To master the energy?

I’m not trying to talk you out of intention setting, not at all. I’m curious about your process. Do you think about the New Moon and what it may mean, gazing at your chart? Do you write down your intentions? Do you write them down and scatter them? You could burn them. Mars/Aries rules fire. Do you go deeper and design a ritual?

A New Moon in the sign of Aries feels to me like double potential, double beginning. Strange fire: Sun and New Moon conjunct Uranus and Mercury retrograde.

So find those early degrees of Aries in your natal chart and what aspects it makes if any and whether that wheelhouse is ready for the shock of the new!

And then? Light a match.

Are you ready? 


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