Set Your Intentions For The Sun Entering Aries :)

It’s a funny feeling to pack for a trip.  A piece of a life.

That’s what I was thinking as I looked at my new suitcase against the wall and the clothes I chose today to bring.  Just a piece. The most important piece? Somewhat. The cats stay here.

I will carry the suitcase but I am the suitcase. That’s me inside.

Virgo Moon brings all the necessary homeopathy and Advil. Pluto in the 1st brings the black clothing and black boots. Cancer Sun wants to bring the gluten free bread and granola “just in case.” 11th House stellium, Uranus ruling the 6th brings all the tech stuff, iPad *and* laptop most likely.

Who are *you* when you travel? Do you leave yourself behind? Do you become *more* you? 

The Sun will enter Aries and I’ll be far away from this place, from the daily aggravations of the Big City, but also far from my sweet animals. It will be worth the risk. Leaving any loved one is always a risk for Cancer.

I keep talking about blogging and doing Readings from the road – looking forward to both. New perspective, new landscape. Same me? Different me?

Who are you when you travel?

And are you pondering this shift from Pisces to Aries? From the end (12th House) to the beginning (1st House)?

Love, MP


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