Serve Or Suffer: Huh?

"Sun in Virgo"
famous Virgo, Lauren Bacall

Yesterday I wrote about needing to seek peace with my body. I’m still in that space. Food and sleep are affected. Energy level. Mental energy. So I look to the transits for clues. And then I look away. Sometimes, yes, sometimes, you have to put down the chart and… think not what astrology can do for you, but what you can do for… someone else.

I promised to come back to this topic and I probably will again but the point is that Serving will help soothe the Suffering. Now, not everyone has a Serve or Suffer chart. This pattern is often found in the Virgo/Pisces people but it’s not limited to them. Could be a 6th House thing or a 12th House thing, or an aspect pattern.

But the point is this: it’s TRUE.

And yes, you do need to watch yourself. We all know the stories of “women, or men, who do too much” etc etc and lose themselves or make themselves sick in the process. What’s needed is the 8th House principle of energy exchange, the high side of Scorpio, which trines Pisces and sextiles Virgo. BUT the energy exchange may be between you and your Higher Self, you and your Highest Wisdom, you and God, you and the Universe with a capital U.

Try it and you’ll see. Oh, and this is CRUCIAL for Venus square Saturn people. Crucial because Venus Saturn tends to be afraid and thus tends to give LESS. The cure for this is to give MORE. Even when it makes no sense, even when it goes against your instinct.

Now, it is a fine line because I’m not talking about masochism here. I’m talking about finding the balance and oppositions are always about balance, balancing, mastering, bringing together. Union. And squares, oppositions, show where we have tension, difficulty, where our life’s work IS.

So try it. Here’s an example. When you have a little argument with your boyfriend and you don’t want to say I love you because you feel annoyed? Say it ANYWAY, knowing that YOU need to say it as much as HE needs to hear it. Make sense?

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