Sensual Season: Sun, Mercury, Jupiter In Taurus

"new moon solar eclipse in gemini"

I tend to listen to songs obsessively, especially when I’m writing. Lately I’m hooked on a handful of songs from the band Over the Rhine. I know absolutely nothing about this band. I was probably listening to a “similar artist” on Spotify or Pandora and that’s how I find my music these days.

A related anecdote: was texting someone today and used the phrase “a tractor of light” and the context of the conversation was love. He liked my phrase. I told him not to steal it. And the context was very Venus Pluto i.e. transiting Venus is squaring my Moon and Pluto now.

Transiting Venus is squaring much of the Pluto in Virgo generation now. But what I mean is that I was DEMANDING. “Well, it better BE THIS i.e. it better be this good. It better be a… tractor of light!”

Where the hell that image came from I don’t know but I imagined the tractor pulling and pulling and pulling, through a field, a light beam behind it, and that the love was wide and bright and light like that.

And I thought: aha! Taurus Season! Field imagery! Plowing metaphors! Earth! Planting! Animals!

Taurus rules the neck and Taurus, they say, is the sensual sign.

Mercury, the Sun, and Jupiter are there now, stroking you up, stroking you down.

I’m not even going to end with a question here lol

Love, MP

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