Seducing The World: What’s a Witch To Do? (More Venus Thoughts)

"venus in leo retrograde" Let’s examine another part of Venus today: Venus as seductress.

But I’m thinking of it this way: I’m thinking of the Law of Attraction. I’m thinking of magick. I’m thinking of Venus working on acquiring what she wants. I’m thinking less of the way we think of seduction, the 1:1 sexual/romantic kind. Maybe we’ll address that in another blog post.

Let’s say you are a witch. Let’s say you are a spell caster. Let’s say you want a new job. A good witch, a good spell caster will DO something about it, will use her magick. For our purposes here, I am calling this a seduction. To draw out a desired outcome. To draw towards HER/HIM what s/he wants.

A few months ago, a few crucial painful months ago, I had a reading with an incredible man — a Taurus actually — this Taurus was telling me I needed to blend two parts of my personality which would then lead to this third, most high, best ME. And the Seductress was one of these parts to blend and he gave me some tips on how to reach her, how to invoke her, how to bring her out, how to live her and truth is… I tried for a bit and I thought about it — but I think the timing was off. His suggestions didn’t totally ring true BUT the idea was correct. This is what all these Venus blog posts are about. Venus (Soul) Retrieval.

"venus in leo retrograde" A couple years ago and I was with someone, under him, and he was talking to me about what I was doing but I wasn’t “doing” anything. I was being. I was being me. I was not “trying.” I was not trying to seduce or… “It” (i.e. the sexual experience) just happened to be working. Naturally. With ease. But from his point of view I was A/The Seductress drawing desire/Mars/blood/force/energy from him. And he was talking to me as if “I knew.” Which created a disconnect in me. I had no artifice. I was wholly there. I WAS VENUS without trying. But through his perception, there was a framework to it. For many of us (females in relationship with men) the right partner for us is the one who easily draws out our Venus.

Then there comes a time when we aren’t getting what we want and I think, in part, this does indeed mean that our Venus function is out of whack. For whatever reason. Bad transits, bad relationships, bad luck. We aren’t drawing, we aren’t magnetizing, we aren’t attracting. We are just living MARS MARS MARS and that doesn’t work. Why not? We get tired, drained from so much PUSHING. We have to be Venus again.

I think we should talk about spells in the next blog post…

Are you more Mars these days? More Venus? 

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