Looking For The Tree Of Life In Brooklyn

"tarot readings in nyc"How you get unstuck is by doing something different.

Can be very simple. Getting up at a different time. Changing your routine.

This morning I wanted to attend a class at a place that I haven’t been for a few years. And I was on time and the teacher never showed (at least not for the  30 minutes that I waited) but on my way there I finally understood the deeper meaning why I was still living in New York City.

Because there is something that I haven’t learned yet here. Probably MORE than one thing, but one thing in particular and I think it has to do with mysticism i.e. the topic of mysticism and that once I “complete” my studies, I will be free to leave.

Sometimes we can feel stuck, that we’re in chains. And we don’t know what the problem is or what exactly is holding us back. I do see the Devil card a lot when I do little readings for myself and today it became clear that THIS was another meaning to his message for me.

So I embarked on my journey this morning, the journey that I didn’t know was my journey, and when I arrived at the gate, there was no guide.

I thought: hmm am I supposed to be diligent and try harder? Show up tomorrow too? Commit to this path? Or is the message that I am to learn from a different teacher. Or maybe more than one teacher?

I am not entirely sure.

In my life, stuff does happen out of the blue so I won’t pretend to know that my desire to truly know the Tree of Life is where my studies will take me and what the point of them is and even… what, ultimately, the learning will be.

My advice to you: if you are feeling stuck. If you are looking to shift your energy. Do something different, even something very simple and the missing pieces begin to show up. But you have to pay attention. And you have to intend to receive.

I am looking forward to leaving New York even though I don’t know when I will leave or where I will go. I don’t even know if I can taste it 🙂 but I look forward to the day.

And once you, too, understand, absorb the mystical truths that are waiting, you’ll be ready to move on.

Are you stuck? 

Fink – Yesterday Was Hard On All Of Us Music For Your Mood

Love, MP

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