Searching For Sagittarius

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Faith and belief are like smoke. They rise. I’ve got Jupiter on my mind tonight because I am seeking perspective.

Rising like smoke is good because what happens is you LOOK UP.  You can see the mountains then.  You can see past your own limits which are no longer limits. Mirages maybe. They never were holding you back. You were.

Tonight I also thought of my doggy friend Senya who recently passed on. She didn’t belong to me, but she was my friend. The annoying thing about the dead though is that they can help us so much more as spirit. Try telling that to a freshly grieving human. They’ll punch you in the face and rightly so even though they know it’s true.

It’s spirit, smoke, that is indestructible because it was never solid to begin with.

The Moon in Capricorn is trining Jupiter in Taurus now, earth to earth. Did you find solid ground today?

Call your family to you, your spirit family, call them around you, animals, people… You can do this. They can hear you. Fling open the door.  Wide wide open.  Feel how solid they are now. You’ll see.

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