Searching For Aquarius And Our Next New Moon

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It’s a spooky feeling when a relationship changes. When it ends. End meaning… it was one thing and now it’s another. The example of the couple who become friends and… one or the other can be in the middle of… washing the dishes or watching tv or working and… remember it was something else once. Small gasp of air. What happened. Breathe out. What it was is gone. Trace back the steps. Who are you now. And whether you miss the other person or not… there has been a shift, movement.

With a stellium in the 11th, I prefer to remain friends. If possible. If it doesn’t hurt!

Our next New Moon is an Aquarius Moon and when I think of Aquarius I do indeed think New so it’s as though we’ve got a New NEW Moon on our hands, in our skies, in our hearts (awwwwww). Why hearts? Aquarius opposes Leo in the zodiac and Leo rules the heart. We can’t have one (Aquarius) without the other (Leo).

The other day a client was writing me that January and February are hard months for her. I get that. The holidays are over. In this part of the world it’s just… winter now. More gray, more cold, more winter!

And the Capricorn New Moon and the Cancer Full Moon were so damn heavy in that they were about our parents. Nothing and no one gets under our skin more, you know? Where you come from = where you’re going.

But with a New Moon in Aquarius, some distance is possible. We remember we have seichel, a Yiddish word for brains, wisdom. We aren’t just these broken hearts on legs, wandering the earth like Cain.

So for this New Moon try setting some intentions around… not taking it all so personally. For this New Moon, try setting some intentions around… the energy of mid-winter. (Damn I want to quote that Wallace Stevens poem The Snow Man right now. Google it, okay?)

And for this New Moon, set an intention and do it in a way, with a ritual, that’s different than you’ve ever done before. Very different. Weird. Break patterns. Create new ones. Saturn builds. Uranus breaks. They both rule Aquarius. 

I like talking to Aquarians because I feel less weird around them and you know what? I can talk to anyone, anyone at all, and I can listen. I let them fall in. I don’t judge. (Well, there are people I don’t want to be around but that’s another story...)

For this New Moon, fire the judge inside you. Embody the IDEAL Aquarius. Equality, humanity, love everyone… but not too much. Aquarius needs space.

This New Moon falls late in my 5th House.  Oh great, she thinks to herself. Another Love Transit.

Are you having a love transit too?

Note to self: need emoticons with wry expressions

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