"new moon solar eclipse"Sun in Scorpio. Saturn in Scorpio. The transiting Node in Scorpio. Mercury will retrograde back into Scorpio. Neptune in Pisces is trining Scorpio. And the Solar Eclipse New Moon on the 13th will be in Scorpio.

There is no escape. You are supposed to… stop lying to yourself. Stop pretending to be who you aren’t. Get real, get true. You get the picture. All your feelings are okay. Don’t hate yourself. But enough with the confusion. Get clear.


Anyone who reads here knows I love the work of Isabel Hickey and this is from her book Astrology, A Cosmic Science, her list of the Negative and Positive expressions of Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler:

Desecration vs. Consecration

Annihilation vs. Rebirth

Tribulation vs. Transformation

Destruction vs. Construction

Intensity vs. Free-flowingness

Submersion vs. Submission

Instinctive Force vs. Transmutation

Struggle vs. Wisdom

Obsession vs. Illumination

Darkness vs. Light

Hell vs. Heaven

Willfulness vs. Willingness

Karma vs. Grace

Disintegration vs. Integration

Where are you in this list?

You must spend time meditating on the Scorpio sector of your chart and then branch out to the opposing signs/houses – Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius. Fixed energy so change is slow but necessary, deep-rooted, without end (that’s how it feels). I think all the energy in Scorpio makes us feel rushed just because it’s A LOT but we have to BE Scorpio to confront and absorb it.

So, basically, you have time, but pay attention with your x-ray-eyes and serious heart.




Yes, I am doing Readings as usual, including Mini-Moons for the eclipses!