Scorpio/Cancer (In)Compatibility

This pairing is supposed to be one for the record books, but I have my doubts. Why?

Reason One: Scorpio so close to Libra and Sagittarius on the wheel often guarantees a sidedish of these two signs which tend to annoy Cancer, especially Libra.

Reason Two: Scorpio and Cancer compete for who is the most deep-dark and intense. This becomes tiresome as Scorpio can have no other gods before it.

Reason Three: The sex is soooo good that all relationship tsurris gets ignored and the thing implodes. Subtext: Cancer loves Scorpio focus but does not love Scorpio secrets. Mother knows best!

Reason Four: Scorpio really wants a Pisces girl.

Reason Five: Cancer so close to Leo does not guarantee but maybe brings a fixed square. Ew. Leo needs mega-attention and Scorpio doesn’t dig that drama.

Reason Six: Your turn! Scorpio and Cancer: yay or nay?

Note to self: ya never know…

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