Scorpio The Extractor (And More Stray Thoughts From Way Out West)

For a Cancer (this Cancer), spending time with a Scorpio is like going to the dentist.

Scorpio brings the gift of extraction. They want to pull out the bad tooth at the root. They suspect of course that there is a bad tooth. They’ve been betrayed so many times, how can there not be one? So with all their tools (obvious and less obvious, painful and less painful), they go digging.

Cancer however wants to hold on to their secrets, stay in the shell. Scorpio pulls them out.


In terms of levels of hell, I know I’ve experienced two in my life so far. One level of hell was my childhood. Another level I saw last night. Downtown Las Vegas 😉 I was, dear readers, transfixed by the people, the noise, the neon and the lights, the rows upon rows of slot machines.


Some holes cannot be filled. This is a very Scorpio metaphor I think. And an important point to remember. Happiness is possible but not all your holes can be filled. Remember. Scorpio “rules” sex. And yet I don’t mean this metaphor really in a sexual way although you can go there if you want. The point is that we are hungry.

On a related note, last night I told someone that saving is possible. We are taught by all the self-help books and many humans that we can’t save someone else. They have to save themselves. But I am starting to believe this is not true at all. And I realize my Venus in the 12th House is what is coming to this conclusion. That LOVE (Venus), a Piscean/Neptunian/12th House love actually does redeem, shelter, and save.

I know what you’re thinking. Such a Venus is delusional. But trust me on this. For the moment 🙂


The Stars Today: Moon in Leo so do relax and enjoy yourself 🙂

Jupiter inconjunct Saturn (exact!): reality check!

We must adjust to 1. the reality 2. what we hope for with all our big eyed optimism. Can we do both? Look to Pluto. Saturn is retrograde but Pluto still sextiles Saturn. That these three work together (it’s a Yod) — the hard work, the believing it is possible, and the commitment (Pluto).

Your thoughts?


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