Scorpio South Node And The Forgiveness Oracle

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(Look here for Part 1 of my Forgiveness Oracle posts).

This post was inspired by a client I was recently working with but maybe it will help you too.

In general, where you have your South Node, you will find qualities, traits, that you need to master and do well but also… leave behind.

For example, I was reading about Scorpio South Node this morning and the author mentioned FORGIVENESS as a trait that Scorpio South Node needs to work on and it was a huge aha moment for me and brought back the entire conversation I had with this client.

Now I’m not one of these folks who advocate forgiveness as a rule but I could totally see/feel that Scorpio grudge-never-forget thing going on with her and a certain unwillingness or inability to… turn that grudge on its side. To just… look at things differently, LESS INTENSELY.

Forgiveness means you can leave the story behind to some degree. Forgiveness is not for the people who wronged you but for YOU.


Easier said than done.

I am thinking of someone RIGHT NOW from my past, childhood, who I will never forgive (not that I go around cursing their name daily) and I find myself wanting to write: and I don’t think it matters! But does it?

When a mutual friend called me up last year and told me that this unforgivable person had had a stroke, I was inspired to tell the mutual friend the long-held secret of forgiveness and my lack of it.

Forgiveness can move you forward IF you are in or want a relationship with whoever hurt you.

Otherwise? I’m not so sure.


But if not forgiveness, then what? What needs to be done, if anything?

I just got an image in my head. An effigy, a grand bonfire of a photograph of this person (I have none) and blow it up real big, frame it, then set it on fire and watch it burn. And let that be the end.

I think that would be my Forgiveness Oracle and I would ask the burning:

And now what? Am I free?  Was I always? 


Jupiter in Gemini (as I was telling another client today) will ask the questions and give the options. Saturn in Scorpio will provide the answers.

Saturn will be transiting my 3rd House. No matter what, I will write my way through it.

Are you thinking about Saturn in Scorpio? 

Love, MP

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