Scorpio Sex, Part 2

So the other day I did a reading for someone with Scorpio planets, a deeply spiritual person. I mean: the Real Deal. Jupiter trine Neptune in the birth chart. Neptune in the 6th House. Real compassion, real caring, real… desire. And not only is Mars her chart ruler but she has a fantastic Grand Cross of inner and outer planets. Deep, intense, relentless, personal. (Note to self: I say deep a lot. I need a new word.) I was struck by the beauty of the thing, the stability, and the differences (in general) between a wobbly t-square and a four-squared cross. No empty spaces. Just transits that will come, and transits that will go, alternately massaging and pummeling, for years on end.

I’m a romantic, I guess, darkly so, except when it comes to my own life, my own difficulty. You’ll never hear me waxing poetic about my Venus t-square (Note to self: begin waxing poetic about my Venus t-square.) But still: each leg of that person’s grand cross was a portal opening up, onto… Where? The past? Tunnels and tunnels and more tunnels, back and back and back.

Sometimes self-awareness leads nowhere because our hands are tied. We can only live then, as best we can. Looking ahead, Saturn’s transit into Scorpio will be an interesting one. How will the Scorpios fare? After all, many of them have planets in Libra. For many, it will be a one-two (three-four)  Saturn punch.

But back to the grand cross. When you face something like this, first thing to do is bear witness. Take it in. Be less Virgo (analysis) and be more Pisces (accepting). Such configurations are not simple or easy, and they make noise. They are bells ringing. Listen in.

Note to self: you forgot to talk about the sex

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