Scorpio Season Is For Orphans

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
Picasso had Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio Season is for orphans.  You gain power (Pluto) through grief and through mourning.  My mother was a Scorpio, November 12th.  She was born in winter, died in the spring.

I say Scorpio Season is for orphans because it is the season of death/endings/change/winter is coming in the big city/introspection/reserve and conserve/psychological depth/underneath the bunker: this is how Scorpio Season feels to me and I feel like I am living it NOW, embodying it. I’ve gone quiet and Scorpio is moving through my 3rd House of communications. Still waters. Run deep. Deep well. Fixed water. Still.

Scorpio is also… pathology, surgery, taboo, obsession, possession, jealousy, compulsion but if you reckon with your dark side, if you MEET your dark side, your dark INside, mouth to mouth… then you can use its power to heal.

And Scorpio Season is for orphans because to lose a parent especially a surprise loss or a loss when they are young or you are young or both or anytime really… whether through death or absence or neglect–

Cancer (the parent) trines Scorpio (loss).

We are all orphans during Scorpio Season, finding our way.

Thing is this: the season itself is the balm.

By going down, you go up.

After the work of Virgo Season and the social life of Libra Season, this is the profound season when being serious is serious merriment for one and all, when grief is encouraged, when grief TAKES COURAGE, to feel it, because if you feel your losses, they won’t swallow you whole, like in the story of Jonah’s whale.

Sagittarius follows Scorpio, which makes sense… our perspective widens and we feel social again, lighter and brighter like the Xmas lights.

But until then: allow yourself to sink like a stone to the bottom of… who you are. You don’t need to know what you want. You don’t need to know what is next. Start with the (re) birth of you.

Going down to go up: the metaphor of the highest vibration of Scorpio, the phoenix.

And I promise you: in the depths and mystery and silence and sweet fall weather of Scorpio Season, you will find comfort. So rest, my child, rest.

How are you feeling? 

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