Scorpio School And The Little Death

"saturn in scorpio"What does Saturn leave behind, when he leaves a sign, or a house in your chart. Does he leave a gift, a reward? Has that been your experience? That’s what they say. Lessons learned? Or unlearned? Tell us what you think.

Saturn is leaving Libra next month. He may or may not be leaving a particular house in your chart, it depends. And today I was on the phone with someone telling him when he’d finally get serious about love because it sure ain’t now. Saturn in Scorpio will be a 5th House transit for him and he’ll get water trines.

His Saturn is conjunct my descendent. A few short years and we have a short painful history. But that’s not the purpose of this post, you frisky little kittens 😉 I want to know about YOU.

But back to my question. Saturn in Libra. Did you learn anything? Do you expect anything? Now? From your relationships that is different from Saturn in Virgo time?

If Saturn in Libra was about our relationships, Venus-style, then Saturn in Scorpio is about our relationships, yes, Scorpio-style. From the shallow end to the deep end. (No offense Libras! I love the Libras. Just speaking archetypally here: Venus/Libra = beauty i.e. surface).

Scorpio, that all or nothing Scorpio, can go it alone for years. Or partner ’til death. Highest vibration of Scorpio is loyalty. To carry and keep. You may see the monks finally marrying.

So we go around the wheel, right? From the 7th House of marriage, commitment to the 8th House of the marriage bed: intimacy, sexuality. And death. The 8th House is also death. You know this. You would prefer not to know this, but you do, in fact, know this.

When you get close to someone, do you worry that they are going to die?  They are going to die, you know. At some point. Saturn in Scorpio knows this. Saturn in Scorpio has experienced this. Saturn in Scorpio will bring it.

And no no no no I’m not saying your Beloved is going to pass from this earth. What I am saying is… go ahead and love that deeply. Don’t you want to?

Saturn in Scorpio fears it (Saturn IS fear) but Saturn is also your calling, your teacher.

This October we ALL enroll in Scorpio School 🙂


PS We’ve got a beautiful little private forum going on now. Some openings for new people if I think you’re a good fit 🙂 We are going month by month. As long as people want to be there, I’ll run it. Email me for details moonpluto@gmail

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