Scorpio Goes To Extremes And Is That Okay?

I was Facebooking/Tweeting some Cancer tweets because we are nearing Cancer Season. Mercury and Venus enter the sign of the MOTHER this weekend! (!) and I asked this question:

Does your Sun Sign feel good to you? I like how being a Cancer feels. Regenerative and warm.

Now “regenerative” may be more of a Scorpio keyword but it’s what came to mind for me. I was born in the Scorpio decan of Cancer and the ruler of my Sun (the Moon) is conjunct Pluto in my natal chart (thus the name of this blog).

That warmth is something I feel when I wake up in the morning these days. Warm, calm (yes, I quit smoking), a deep well, peaceful.

A Scorpio Sun (with Cancer Rising) commented on my Facebook page that sometimes she likes how it (her Sun) feels and sometimes she doesn’t. How when it’s good it’s very good and how when it’s bad, it’s horrid!

And I starting wondering how much we should “work on” our essential natures. For example, Scorpio does go to extremes. Should we teach Scorpio moderation? Sounds crazy right? Scorpio is Scorpio, not some moderate, even-handed sign. Scorpio is not about being fair πŸ˜‰

AND YET what if said Scorpio is unhappy and, for example, unmoderately stinging his/herself to detriment, to death. Would we not want to help Scorpio adjust (if Scorpio was open to it) or trust that the essential nature is essentially nutritious and nothing more is needed.

Or what about a Cancer who mothers everyone and thus depletes his/her energy reserves.

I realize my questions here are from my point-of-view, my chart, which is a “helping” chart, lots of Virgo/Pisces stuff going on with me. Service.

My questions for you: can the essential nature be adjusted, changed, and should it be? And if so, when?

Love, MP


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