Scorpio And Passion

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What’s your definition of passion?

Last night, on the phone with my high school friend: Sun, Neptune, Mercury, Jupiter in Scorpio (pretty sure I’m right about the Jupiter. Need to get his chart info again).

And we were talking about love and sex and he was saying how any woman could go to a bar and blah blah blah get sex and blah blah blah blah.

My high school friend is a little coarse at times. I chastised him (teasing, not serious) about something else he said (I won’t repeat it). I said “be polite.” That’s one thing I’m not, he said.

So we were talking about love and talking about sex and his definition of the two of them together in one word: passion.

Passion ends he said. Who cares! I said. Or I just thought it. I don’t remember. Intimacy is about always going, getting deeper. That NEVER gets old. Never.

He’s been single a LONG time and as far as I can tell, not looking, and this friend means a lot to me because he knew me when, he knew me THEN. And when he found me again years later (yes, Facebook!), he told me I was the same, still psychoanalyzing 😉

This is one version of Scorpio that we tend to see, the kind who can go without.

How do you define passion?

Love, MP

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