Saturn, Where Are We Going?

"isabella rossellini in blue velvet"
Isabella Rossellini has Saturn in Libra

I can feel it. Call me crazy (ha!) but I swear I can feel it. Saturn. Slowly. Approaching. My. SUN. In Cancer. Here we go….  Where? Where are we going? To Saturnland! Fun? Not really…

I remember when Saturn was approaching my Sun before he went Retrograde. I started feeling down. A lot. Cranky? A bit extra. Just tired. And old: Saturnian.

So. What’s a good triple Cancer to do?

Here’s the short answer: be responsible. Be mature. Be committed. Be patient. I think that’s the number one thing we all need for our Saturn transit: patience with this energy. Up against the wall? Wait. Feeling crushed? Wait. Want to start a fight? Wait. And I look to the Houses involved to see exactly where my patience is being TESTED. Yes, Saturn tests, and yes you may want to poke your eyes out with that No. 2 pencil, but… wait. 

Interesting, isn’t it? Saturn governs limitation, but also ambition so a Saturn transit helps you climb UP (and out). And for a job well done? You are rewarded, say the astrologers.

Can you be disciplined? Can you be fearless? What have you got to lose?

Anyone else have a Saturn Transit story to share? 

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