Saturn vs. Saturn (Part One)

And so we officially begin the official series of the SATURN OPPOSITION blog posts i.e. transiting Saturn in Scorpio opposing my natal Saturn in Taurus.

And as I so often do, I’m going to talk about FEELINGS.

How your feelings are not the problem. Including the “ugly” ones.


Hate. Rage. Disappointment. Rejection.

And the worst of all, feeling fat 😉

Why am I talking about feelings? Because that’s what I do!

Also, while transiting Saturn is opposing my natal Saturn, it will sextile my Moon Pluto conjunction (deep feelings!) AND trine my Sun Mercury Mars in Cancer (even more deep feelings!!). Give structure to the VOICE. To the hate, the rage, the disappointment, the rejection, the lust. ALL OF IT. SCORPIO SEASON!

There will be a lot to say and this Saturn opposition is happening across my 3rd/9th axis: COMMUNICATION, writing, publishing, teaching, dissemination. I will not STFU despite the opposition.

Ready? Part Two tomorrow…


Love, MP


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