Saturn Trine Neptune (Part Two)

I just finished a blog post and then realized I had more to say.

This is dream come true energy – this summer’s Grand Trine between the faster moving planets in Cancer and then Jupiter in Cancer trining Saturn and trining Neptune.

Imagine, visualize what you want. What you really really really really really really really really really want. Really!

The imagination/visualization part is Neptune. Doing this in a disciplined way and minding the details is the Saturn part. The Jupiter part is your faith, your belief in your grace. That you will get it. Even though you thought you wouldn’t. Even though you were sure you were hopeless, diseased, dead…


I’m not saying the world and your life is only sparklefresh 24/7 from now on but that this summer is SPECIAL. So PLEASE get clear. Even if the element of water is not particularly supported in your chart, this is still a tap you can drink from 🙂


Tangent: are you comfortable with who you are? If you are Superman, are you comfortable with being Superman? People are drawn to who you are. They are drawn to your current vibration and your underlying essence. Are they the same or different? Do you want to change? I know I know a bunch of different questions here but I was just drawing some cards this morning for someone who I think still needs time to grow into who he is. True for a lot of us.

Enough of this stalemate. Let the trines shower us instead of this recent diet of crushing squares and eclipse freak-outs.

Tarot time: Knight of Cups! Your creative adventure is on the way.

One other thing: having your dream come true doesn’t mean pain is gone forever or that you don’t have to keep working (Saturn) but that things are just… so much better, so much better.

Love, MP


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