Saturn Trine Neptune (Part 2)

"new moon in scorpio 2011"
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It’s about service (Neptune)! But service to what? To who? Which master? Pick one! And then devote (Neptune) yourself to the build (Saturn). Build what? You decide! Look in your chart! It’s a trine! Just open the fucking door!

And this isn’t just castles in the sand, Saturn trine Neptune isn’t about invisibilizing what you create. Instead it’s about… the dream and the reality. Making the dream REAL. What am I talking about? Energy. Using Saturn energy and Neptune energy together and that there will be some ease to it all.

Neptune being retrograde only increases the mystery of where it will come from and what will be built.

I think it will be like flying. You build the plane and up you go. The Houses in your natal chart show where this will happen.


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