Saturn Trine Neptune: The Divine Milieu

Forget for a moment that it’s almost Sun in Cancer time. Forget for a moment that Mercury and Venus are already in the sign, trining Saturn in Scorpio and Neptune in Pisces. Think for a moment of just Saturn trine Neptune. What is this energy about?

Two slow moving planets (Neptune moving way slower than Saturn) in water signs and creating patterns in the sky and thus in your birth chart.

What does it mean for you? 

For that we have to know what the nature of these planetary energies is about and then we have to plug them in to your chart.

And because these are slow movers, outer planets, any seemingly sudden changes are a long time coming.

For example, Neptune is in my 6th House currently. Saturn in my 3rd. If my work life changes, if my writing related to my work life changes, this is not a new story. It’s on-going. I’m also saying this because Neptune has been in my 6th House for more than a decade. And I went from being utterly confused about what to do for work to… service work. At first I worked with animals and then I made my love, my “hobby,” my business.

Saturn is “building” energy. Crystallization. Effort. But also Karma. What you must knead through. Saturn is physical, real world.

Neptune, they say, dissolves. Disappears. No boundaries. Nothing that is real. Fantasy. For example, people with natal Venus Neptune contacts can love “too much.” Boundaries (Saturn) are flimsy. A Neptune person can build an entire world around someone (or something) else and get little in return. It just FEELS GOOD to love that way. Neptune often needs to wise-up to accomplish anything. If all you do is dream alone in your room, you won’t get anywhere. Unless your internet connection is really fast 😉

So what happens when you have effort and creation plus dissipation? Well, my friends, Neptune is ALSO creation. Neptune IMAGINES what can be.

This summer, Saturn and Neptune work together so I recommend you choose your goals, remember your dreams, because you will have more support in reaching them.

Neptune goes retrograde tomorrow but Saturn goes direct in early July. Some may spend more time dreaming than building this summer. Others may be making concrete strides right now. But once Jupiter enters this trine? I smile when I think about it. Jupiter is the luck. Jupiter is the friend who… after you have Saturn-slaved all day comes and brings you dinner, a drink, and good news.

You WILL be more sensitive during this trine. You will be able to discover what you are here for. You will feel confused at times. You will dream at night and dream during the day. You may want drink or drug out because of this vibration but Saturn will catch you as long as you keep Saturn with you. Organize the dream. Be ambitious in your dream but have a plan. Take care of your body.

For many of us, Neptune is the harder attunement to understand so I bring you these words from Isabel Hickey: “Neptune represents obligation: in whatever area it is placed… one  must serve the universal whole.”

And that’s especially interesting to me because we often speak of Saturn and Capricorn as obligation i.e. DUTY. But once again we are in the land of both/and not either/or.

Does this make sense?

Love, MP


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