Saturn Trine Neptune (In The Sky!)

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to sleep perchance to dream

I had a bunch of weird dreams last night and I remembered them when I woke up but then went to sleep again and now they’re forgotten. Well, they were. Until a moment ago. I dreamed about doing readings. Really. So maybe I shouldn’t check my Blackberry in the middle of the night…

What is your dream life like? Do you remember your dreams? Do you want to? I had a period, years ago, when I had nightmares. Used to keep a dream journal to write them all down and now I wonder why. I mean, was I really gonna reread that shit?

Dreams are on my mind this morning because I am thinking of Saturn in Libra coming to trine Neptune (retrograde) in Aquarius. Retrograde motion is interesting to me, especially regarding Neptune who is slippery-foggy anyway!

Saturn is the rules and Neptune floats by the rules. Watch it go! Neptune dissolves and merges. So what happens when these two meet in happy flowing aspect? We’ll all find out! Find your Libra house and find your (late) Aquarius house for more information about how this will manifest in your life.

And think of it not as dissolving to disappear but dissolving to merge. Think of YOU stepping (swimming) into YOUR life. Becoming ONE with it. That’s what Neptune helps you do: lose your ego, your individuality. But this will be YOU merging with YOU and the structures you’ve created.

Saturn and Neptune together, in trine, feels like… having the best boss in the world. Β She encourages your creativity by giving you limits. The rules lead to freedom you never thought possible. It’s like a marriage. Your bond to the other person, your exclusion of all others, is an opportunity, not a restriction. An opportunity for the most profound knowing. Marriage (true intimacy) leads you to God. You know this, don’t you? And this is another point brought to you by Scorpio Season πŸ™‚

PS I’ll have more thoughts on Saturn trine Neptune. I’m just getting warmed up.

Now it’s your turn. What are you thoughts on Saturn trine Neptune?Β 

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