Saturn Trine Neptune And The Full Moon in Aries

"saturn in scorpio"What I like best about the sky right now is that Saturn in Libra (at 29 degrees) is trine Neptune in Pisces at 0 degrees. It’s a little wonky though, right? Out of sign and Neptune is retrograde.

But what I’m feeling here, about this transit, is the good that’s on the way. The stability of Saturn + the vision of Neptune is you making a dream come true. Or, at least, you more content in that area of your life… the area of late Libra/early Scorpio in your chart and late Aquarius/early Pisces.

Funny. I just wrote the above and feel I’m grasping at straws. The sky feels hard to me. Merciless. Or maybe that’s my own transits talking. Going in search of mercy now. Be right back.

(Time passes. She returns to the blog post mildly refreshed.)

Next week Saturn enters Scorpio and Jupiter goes retrograde and the Saturn Neptune trine, wonky or not, is already with us. You can start building your dream right now. Or you can wait. But at least pinpoint these guys in your chart.

How’s your world? Stable or unstable? A little of both? 

Love, MP


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